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Travel Tips to Africa

Evidently, when you’re a foreigner taking a trip in the establishing world, your greatest issues are that you’ll be set upon by outlaws or get in a horrible car accident. Nicholas Kristof is a well-traveled journalist for the NY Times, visiting several of the most remote reaches of the world, so he does have excellent suggestions for travelers.

It’s just a pity, as Chris Blattman points out, Kristof winds up threatening his own stated reason for composing the piece (to obtain even more college students traveling in the developing globe) by promoting this suggestion that international traveling is naturally harmful.

1. Take just one bag. “Suitcases are for fits, check-in for suckers” as my well-to-do good friend Jan Chipchase points out. My selection is the Northface Heckler backpack (in black). It’s obtained a convenient sleeve for my computer, and plenty of room for the video camera as well as various other products– your mileage will vary.

2. Load less. This is what makes # 1 work. You’re going to be attracted to pack for every single possibility. Don’t. just to figure out when you get there that you just looking for 1/3 of just what you brought.

3. Carry a power bar. Normally you could find food any place you are, nevertheless for the small price precede having something helpful that gives you some energy and that you can depend not obtain a tummy pest over, this is my front runner.

4. For the techies … USB gadgets are wonderful for moving information, applications as well as pictures make use of one. Nevertheless, remember that there are no prophylactics for USB devices which every COMPUTER and also net coffee shop gadget ought to be treated as a pox-ridden carrier of digital Sexually transmitted diseases for your virgin device. Maintain it loyal to only your computer (as well as vice versa).

5. Paperbacks trump hardbacks. There’s a lot of lingering when traveling, makings it wonderful to have a publication handy.

6. On cellphones. You have two choices on your phone. a) purchase an inexpensive one when you get there ($ 20-40) and obtain a local SIM card. b) get an opened phone prior to you leave as well as simply get a SIM card when you hit the ground. For multi-country traveling I suggest opting for “b”, which is what I do. If you lose a lot of phones, or are frightened of being robbed, choose “a”.

7. Plan on every little thing. Have a great discussion with the first seller of whatever product or service you have an interest in. Never ever purchase from that individual. Rather, determine precisely where the line is and afterwards bargain harder with the next vendor, proclaim or seller. (How can I state this gently …? If you’re paying 25% of the asking price, you’re still being ripped off.).

8. On Electronic cameras. A great deal could be blogged about this, but suffice it to say that smaller sized is better unless you truly like to take excellent images. I would suggest something that is waterproof. My individual favorite is the Sanyo Xacti– I enjoy this point. Nonetheless, I might similarly suggest obtaining something that runs off just a couple AA batteries. (Pros as well as Prosumers who, like me, bring a bigger body DSLR disregard this. You have your personal regulations to live by).

9. Spread your money out. Never ever carry all your money in one location. This isn’t just for security reasons, its for negotiating also. I recommend bring varying quantities of money in 3 various spots as well as recognizing just what the quantities are so that you never take out excessive.

10. Eat local. This is specifically real if you’re taking place the cheap, do not hesitate to eat the cooked foods at the road-side booths. You’ll see me routinely eating beans and also chapatis on the streets of Nairobi for lunch. At $.50 I’m obtaining an excellent square meal as well as I can do it quickly if need be. If that’s as well adventurous for you, you can pick other local areas, just don’t fall into the catch of believing that you have to eat at the “westernized” facilities.

11. Mosquitos are made in hell and also has to be killed. I can write a whole post on the impressive battles I’ve had with these satanic insects. Get a could of Ruin (insect spray), obtain insect repellent, sit on the smoky side of the fire, make use of a mosquito internet– whatever it takes.

My preferred way to eliminate them is a wadded up shirt as it has a broad location of impact– if you excellent you can wreck them up against the wall/ceiling from a good range away.


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